Our Promise

Timely service and the highest quality from a commercial roofing contractor that delivers on every commitment.

Your First Call

One call for commercial roof services across all your locations within our multi state service area. Whether you need a new roof, a simple leak repair, or an emergency solution for storm damage we’ve got you covered.

What to Expect

Operational Considerations:

  • Timely assessments
  • Accurate budgets
  • Safe, clean, and courteous job sites
  • One call for service across a wide geographical area
Corporate Considerations:

  • The highest quality and best service for your money
  • Every client since 1995 is a reference
  • Uniformity across facilities
  • Industry leading warranties
  • General liability, workers comp, and bonding

Repairs & Maintenance

Our simple and efficient ‘do not exceed’ system allows for faster completion of repairs at the lowest possible cost. Repair requests are quickly assessed and commonly completed the same day.

Storm Damage

Storm Ahead
Storm damage may not be immediately obvious and can be the beginning of roof failures that appear slowly over time. Other times you may realize immediate damage from leaks or other obvious details.

Reasons to make us your first call:

  • Only file an insurance claim if storm damage is found
  • Emergency repairs made quickly
  • Comprehensive evaluation that ensures all damage is identified
  • Confidence that our services will maximize your gain from the damages

Schedule an evaluation: 817-426-5000

Roof Replacement

Understanding what’s important to you is our top priority when determining a roof replacement for your building.

What to expect:

  • Every dollar is maximized
  • A clean and courteous install
  • Warranties you can bank on
  • Service after the sale

Schedule an evaluation: 817-426-5000

Smart Solutions

Energy Star
Energy – With energy costs continuing to rise, it’s more important than ever to select a roof that can reduce energy consumption and improve a building’s efficiency in any climate.

Environment – High performance roofing minimizes the impact on the Earth’s environment throughout the roof’s life, while also helping to maintain a healthy, productive environment inside the building.

Endurance – A high-performance roof meets or exceeds performance requirements for long life: all-weather reliability, chemical, fire, puncture resistance; ease of maintenance, repair, and modifications.

Economics – A high performance roof has to make economic sense, not just at the time of purchase, but also in the long term.

Engineering – Utilizing the right materials, design, and manufacturing process results in a complete, integrated roofing system that performs reliably over the long run.

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