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We serve clients in a wide variety of markets including:

  • School Districts
  • Colleges
  • Municipalities
  • Shopping Centers
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Apartments
  • Office Buildings
  • Assisted Living
  • Hospital / Medical
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Federal Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing Plants


  1. Assessment
  2. Report or Proposal
  3. Authorization to Commence Work
  4. Client Post Work Walkthrough
  5. Clean and Courteous Job Site
  6. Client Completion Walkthrough
  7. Manufacture Inspection
  8. Presentation of Warranty Documents



Energy Conservation

Equal Green

A High-Performance Roof

can be a powerful asset in reducing energy consumption. When used with appropriate insulation on low-sloped or flat roofs, a high-emissivity reflective roofing system can:

  • Reduce building energy consumption
  • Improve insulation performance to reduce winter heat loss and summer heat gain
  • Preserve the efficiency of rooftop air conditioning
  • Potentially reduce HVAC capacity requirements
  • Decrease the effects of Urban Heat Islands and related urban air pollution

Duro-Last CoolZone

Black Roofs vs. White Roofs

The energy required to air-condition a building in the summer is usually considerably greater than the energy to heat it in the winter, making the potential for summer energy cost savings much greater with a highly reflective white roof. It’s becoming increasingly clear that along with dark pavement and disappearing vegetation, dark/black roofing is a major contributor to the “urban heat island” effect, which is the tendency of urban areas to reach temperatures three to eight degrees higher than outlying rural areas.


Prime Source Construction stands behind every project we complete. We strive for perfection in every repair or installation. You can rest assured we will be there to correct any issue that may arise with the highest level of concern and professionalism

  • Duro-Last Warranty Summary
  • Comprehensive 15 year manufacture warranty is standard with an optional 20 year available
  • Labor and materials are 100% covered for entire warranty period with no dollar limit
  • No exclusions for ponding water or consequential damages
  • Completely transferable if the building is sold during the warranty period
  • No maintenance program required

Carlisle TPO Warranty Summary

Carlisle warrants that the Membrane material will not prematurely deteriorate to the point of failure because of weathering for a period of years from the date of sale if properly installed, maintained and used for the purpose for which Carlisle intended. If upon inspection by Carlisle, the Membrane shows premature deterioration because of weathering within the warranty period, Carlisle’s liability and Buyer’s remedies are limited at Carlisle’s option to the providing of repair material for the original Membrane or credit to be applied towards the purchase of a new Membrane, the value of these remedies being determined by Carlisle based upon the number of remaining months of the unexpired warranty used to pro-rate at the current prices for the Membrane.

Carlisle warrants that the Carlisle brand white Sure-Weld (TPO) membrane utilized in this installation will meet the “Energy Star” reflectivity rating of .65 when originally installed and a .50 reflectivity rating thereafter for a total period of ten (10) years from the date of installation. During this ten (10) year amendment period, the roof must positively drain and be free of pollutants, grease, oil, and the like. The owner must follow all membrane cleaning recommendations made by Carlisle in the care and maintenance sheet, which accompanies the warranty. Any change in the use of this building, which adversely affects the cleanliness of the membrane, will nullify this reflectivity portion of the warranty.

Warranty Sample Docs

Duro-Last NDL Warranty


Carlisle Warranty