Commercial Roof leak? Do you need another headache?

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No matter what size your building is, a small drip can be frustrating.  Maybe it’s right over an expensive piece of machinery.  Maybe it’s over merchandise?  Maybe it’s just out in the open getting your floor or people wet.  Whatever the reason, that drip just became an urgent item that needs your attention.  This is a great time to call us out to inspect your roof at 817-426-5000.  However, if you are more of a hands-on person, then maybe you should read a little further.

Being a building owner or manager you wear several hats.  Odds are you are probably wearing too many hats.  You have to know enough about every facet of your industry to be able to lead in every direction.  Whether that be production, accounting, marketing, Human resources, etc.  You have a big plate and now this drip requires you to be a roofer as well.  While we want to take as much off your plate as possible if you’ll read this blog you’ll at least know enough to know if someone is taking advantage of you or possibly even save you some money. 

Leaks can have a number of causes.  We are going to highlight those here and have another post later to dive deeper into a particular issue.  Here is a list of common leaks found on a roof:

  • Deteriorated sealant – visible gaps in sealant around the edge(termination point) of the roof.  This can be on the actual roof edge or around any roof top equipment or vents.
  • Poor drainage – while some roof systems handle ponding better than others, it is still best to have proper drainage.  Roofs collect all kinds of debris and downspouts should be cleaned regularly.
  • HVAC – Dirty air filters, rusted deteriorated drain pans and blocked drain pipes all contribute to what appears to be a leaking roof.  Regular maintenance can help prevent problems from showing up.
  • Damage to the membrane itself.  While roof systems are durable still some damage is caused by foot traffic on the roof and careless behavior of individuals.  Either dragging heavy items across the roof, smoking, welding or simply not paying attention to tool placement can cause cuts or tears in any roof system. 

Some damage is caused by hail or hard impacts on the roof system itself.

While others are just “unseamly”  haha ;-). Seriously, over time the seams begin to break down.

No matter your problem, it’s best to call an experienced professional (817)426-5000 to make repairs.  It can save you time and money.

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