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Duro-Last roofing membrane is a great option because we simply believe it’s “The World’s Best Roof” with “The World’s Best Warranty”. 

Building owners all across North America are choosing Duro-Last as their preferred roof for these simple reasons. 

No downtime.  Because Duro-Last Roofing systems don’t need loud machinery or heavy equipment, it can be installed with little to no disruption to business.  Not to mention the repairs are just as hassle-free.

Duro-Last offers two differentiators that set them apart.  High-quality reinforced scrim and the thickness over scrim.

Duro-Last offers energy efficiency by reflecting up to 88% of the sun’s energy.

Duro-Last was the first manufacturer to offer a warranty that expressly covers consequential damages.

Duro-Last prefabricates most of the roof in-house in a controlled environment to reduce the number of seams done on-site.  This makes for a faster install and fewer chances of installation errors.

With five manufacturing facilities across the state Duro-Last has a location near you.  Making Quality Control Inspectors available nationwide.

These are just some of the many reasons we love the Duro-Last product.

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