Who is Prime Source Construction and what do we do?

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Prime Source Construction, Inc. was founded in 1995.  We fell in love with the Duro-Last roof system and “The World’s Best Warranty” as a product they could stand behind.  While they offer many different solutions to fit all their customers needs the Duro-Last roof system is their preferred product for five main reasons:

Energy Efficient

Maintenance departments want a leak-proof roof. CEOs want a return on investment. You can get both with the white Duro-Last membrane. It reflects 86% of the sun’s energy and can reduce the temperature of your roof by as much as 50 degrees.

Business As Usual

Installing the mechanically-attached Duro-Last roof system from Prime Source Construction is fast and efficient. There are no offensive odors, hazardous materials, loud machinery or messy sprays. Best of all, there is virtually no disruption to normal business operations.

The Best Warranty

While other roofing manufacturers offer limited warranty coverage, Duro-Last provides the world’s best material and labor warranty. No small print, no hidden charges, and no additional cost to you.

Industrial Strength Protection

The Duro-Last membrane is prefabricated to fit your building’s exact dimensions. Every stack, vent, drain or HVAC curb is made to fit like a glove. This System is resistant to fire, chemicals, high winds and is virtually maintenance-free. Upon completion, a Duro-Last Quality Assurance Inspector will critically examine every detail to ensure years of lasting performance.

Green Company

A popular definition for sustainable roofing was developed during a workshop held at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in 1996: A roof system that is designed, constructed, maintained, rehabilitated and demolished with an emphasis throughout its life cycle on using natural resources efficiently and preserving the global environment.  At Prime Source Construction we are passionate about sustainability and we put forth effort every day to be good stewards of the environment in every way possible.

Prime Source Roofing is dedicated to high standards of quality and has been named as a PLATINUM Contractor for Duro-Last for several years.  What does this mean?  It means that we installed a minimum of 500,000 sq. ft. of Duro-Last product on a minimum of 5 commercial jobs within the previous calendar year.  And that we received a score of 95 or above from Duro-Last Quality Assurance inspection team.

We look forward to installing your next roof.

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