Experience Matters

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It’s not just experience, but good experience that matters.  Let me explain.

A roof is a roof, right?  I mean, if you’ve decided on a particular roof system, then what’s your next step?To get that roof system at the best value, right? Lowest cost, highest quality and you probably need it now.  You’ve heard the saying ‘Good, fast, or cheap, pick two’, because having all three doesn’t work well together.  We disagree. With the right experience, you can have all three.

A new company with little to no experience may struggle with this.  They might do a good job but they will struggle with getting it done quickly.  They will do their best but there will be unforeseen obstacles that get in their way.  Maybe the manufacturer isn’t used to working with them and they can’t get the product as quickly.  They haven’t built the relationships required with the manufacturer to help make the process smooth. 

Likewise, their employees are not long-term loyal employees.  They are just individuals with a job to do and they are too new to make decisions to help the process.  Or simply the owner isn’t used to juggling or delegating their responsibilities, so processes get bottlenecked.  If your warranty doesn’t get filed correctly you risk having a low-quality roof with no warranty.

An experienced company has been through the valleys, hills, and mountains.  They are more capable of handling whatever comes up while installing your roof.  They have contacts in manufacturing and other avenues to make it a seamless experience with little to no issues on the customer side.  They have the team and resources to pull the job together with fewer delays. They may be doing the same job, but you’re going to get a better experience and roof system because they have processes, relationships, and resources to finish the job fast, effectively, and at a lower cost.

Let’s look at it this way: You have two employees doing the same job.  One has been around for 25+ years, has been reliable, and has seen the good days and the bad days.  The other is brand new, not only to you but also to the industry.  They do the same job but which one will you trust to get the job done right while you are away?  Experience matters.

Now it’s not just experience.  That experience has to come with a history of quality work of completing jobs on schedule.  If they never learned to rise above challenges, if they never built lasting quality relationships, if they have always done the bare minimum to make a buck, but they’ve been doing it a long time, they still are not a good choice.

Good Experience means the individual, or in our case roofing company, has more than 25+ years of experience overcoming obstacles and building lasting and meaningful relationships with their manufacturers. Most importantly, our team of employees are more than capable of providing you a quality roof system, installed quickly and at a competitive price.

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